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The Medium Ship

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Descripción del servicio

Many people get spooked by spiritual gifts that are Divinely given because of the stigmas attached to the spiritual realm in our mainstream society. Sacred texts speak of these gifts, and yet we have a human nature of isolating ourselves from them because of fears, anxiety, or lack of understanding. Among other gifts and talents, I have a unique connection to God, Guides, and the Universe. I have had many experiences communicating with Guides/Angels/Ancestors and souls who have transitioned. Serving as a bridge, I have also been tasked in moments to help souls cross over peacefully. Maybe you are feeling stuck in your grieving phase, following the transition of a loved one. Perhaps you just want to feel a connection to someone who has passed on to the other side. You could be yearning for a personal message from your ancestors, angels, or guides. There may be a factor that has been exposed as a key element in your healing journey that is deeply connected to those generations that came before you.  That is what this service is all about. I’m gracefully holding space for you in connecting to the other side and interpreting any messages that need to come through for your greatest good. 

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