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8 Week Series

In this group work series, we will:

  • Identify our own shadow aspects (fears, subconscious blockages, hidden wounds)

  • Practice radical self-acceptance with gentleness and compassion

  • Implement exercises and methods for self-healing

  • Use creative strategies for activating personal power and self-love

  • Reframe the perspective of the ego and shadow

  • Love on our inner child(ren)

  • Move through transitional steps for transformation of pain into power

  • Set intentions for reaching our own goals and standards of living in our truth

**Embrace Our Shadow is led by AleshaNicole as the Healing Artist and Intuitive Coach. Each participant is free to share as much or as little as they would like throughout the 8 week series. Sessions will be held on zoom, with the chat feature, a Q&A section, and a format that will be shared in the first session. As members of Our Gathering Drum, we believe in creating a safe space where all members feel welcome, loved, and respected. All faiths are welcome. All gender identities, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, races, and nationalities are welcome. We are One.**

The total fee for the Embrace Our Shadow 8 week series is $111.00. 

Pricing Options are available upon request.

The fee includes:

- access to zoom links and participation in sessions

- access to pre-recorded videos that complement the weekly meeting

- an optional 60 minute one-on-one follow-up session with AleshaNicole 

(can be used at any time throughout the 8 weeks) 

- all required materials for in-between reflection and introspection

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