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1-on-1 Coaching


I firmly believe that we are Spirit beings first, then human beings. We have been inherently equipped with all that we need to live an abundant life here on earth. Sometimes, we just need:

  • confirmation that you are on the right track

  • a nudge in the right direction

  • a reminder to straighten your crown

  • a divine message to gain clarity

  • self-discovery and refining of your purpose


People leave these sessions feeling refreshed, impassioned, and empowered.  Part of my gift includes creating and holding safe space for people to:

  • have a release

  • clearly identify the hidden blockages and subconscious wounds that need to be healed

  • unpack baggage from the past

  • break through emotional, mental, or spiritual barriers

  • activate their self-healing


In order to shape our sessions, various skills, techniques, talents, and gifts are available to you. They include but are not limited to:​

  • my musical talents and art strategies for art-infused experiences

  • intuitive tools (such as my original oracle decks, tarot decks, crystals)

  • life skills and wisdom I have acquired through my many experiences

  • activities I have designed that I used for myself in healing my trauma

  • my spiritual gifts (if requested)


**I never claim to be a certified counselor, medical professional, legal professional, or financial counselor. Seek professional advice in any of those domains for big life decisions. Also, remember to trust your own intuition because you are responsible for your own decisions and behavior. I have pure intentions, and I am sharing the life wisdom I have gained through many experiences of self-healing. My hope is that you are able to achieve the same for yourself and step into your personal power, living in triumph and thriving in purpose, on purpose. So much love and light to you!**


I genuinely look forward to sharing what I have learned and mastered. I always say that I love to teach because I love it when people learn. So, I am overjoyed that you felt led to reach out, and I honor the nobility of your desire for my consultation on your sacred life path.

All faiths welcome


1-on-1 Coaching Form
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Holding Space (v.) defined by AleshaNicole

- being present for someone with heartfelt empathy, trusting in developed intuition, honed gifts, and divine connection for the purpose of creating a

safe space all participants can enter in with shared consent, the power of agreement, and integrity.

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