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As a single mother, divorcee, and self-employed woman who has healed much of her trauma and overcome countless obstacles, I am grateful that I have so many opportunities to guide others. I have been a guide in many different roles in my life. Through my hardest times, I was led by various guides I have grown to admire. I am honored to now coach so many people through some of the same valleys I have survived, while offering an arts-infused approach to healing and growth.


I am fluent in Spanish, with a B.A. in Spanish Language & Literature and over twenty years of experience speaking, writing, and reading Spanish. I have six years of professional experience coaching families, educators, and community members in the diverse use of arts strategies for both professional and personal development. I have a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies and numerous talents and spiritual gifts that allow me to match my unique skillset with spot-on intuition in the best interest of my clients. 

With five years spent as a full-time dueling piano player and twelve years as a professional performer, I developed exceptional skills in crowd engagement and responsiveness. I have traveled all over the country as an entertainer. I have traveled to many different countries for performances, for work abroad, and for adventures. I was a child involved in many extracurriculars, and grew up into an adult who is very cultured. I am able and glad to adapt my approach to different backgrounds, different races, different faiths, different lifestyles, etc. I embrace and celebrate our differences, and I also enjoy finding our similarities.

I look forward to working with you, and I am thrilled that I am able to enjoy my spunky career by living in purpose, on purpose.