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AleshaNicole is a Musician, Healing Artist,

Spiritual Mentor, and Self-Healing Coach.

She has self-released two independent albums

and is currently completing her third and fourth

albums. Alesha sings and plays piano, guitar, and saxophone.


She has a B.A. in Spanish Language & Literature and over twenty years of fluency in Spanish. She has ten years of professional experience coaching families, educators, and community members in the diverse use of arts strategies for both professional and personal development. She also received a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies. 


With over twelve years as a professional performer, AleshaNicole developed exceptional skills in crowd engagement and responsiveness. She has traveled all over the United States as an entertainer. She has traversed to many different countries, lived and worked abroad, and continues to build her international following. She is well-known for creating her own exercises (and quite often, these exercises are created on the spot). Working with AleshaNicole always brings an experience of awe and wonder, as participants witness the dynamic creative flow that surges in her responsiveness to the crowd. As a one person show who has a knack for stepping into a room and knowing just what is needed, AleshaNicole has been called "an inspiration."


As a daughter of a Pastor of 40+ years (Father) and a Teacher of 40+ years (Mother), it is no surprise that Alesha has combined spirituality and musicianship for a  Healing Artist career that so creatively inspires others. 


As the Founder of Our Gathering Drum, she stands at the intersection of her many talents and delivers interactive, impactful creative services to a variety of clients. Her aim in life is also her call to action for everyone she encounters: Spread Love, Share Joy Everyday in Your Own Unique Way.  

“I am thrilled that I am able to share the joy of my spunky career with you in some fashion. Book a session with me and take a step into an adventure as we create your most authentic journey of empowerment.”

- AleshaNicole

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