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As a one person show who has a knack for stepping into a room and knowing just what is needed, AleshaNicole has been called "an inspiration." With over 16 years of performance experience and a decade of training in professional development, she comes both prepared and qualified. She is well-known for creating her own exercises by intertwining the arts with professional development (and quite often, these exercises are created on the spot). Working with AleshaNicole always brings an experience of awe and wonder, as participants witness the dynamic creative flow that surges in her responsiveness to the crowd. 

Opening Plenary | Hope Starts Here
Detroit PBS

Opening Plenary | Hope Starts Here

In team-building experiences, her aim is to build trust and strengthen the bond of your team through engaging participants in the activation of their creative spark and awareness of self. There are so many stressful conditions and events happening in our world right now that affect both our work and our personal lives. The need for engaging, inspiring, and encouraging activities that are relevant to the work and goals of the staff is very prominent. AleshaNicole thrives in the ability to enhance the joy and motivation that sometimes can be dimmed by the pressures and workloads of organizations that serve the community. Thank you to every client for allowing Our Gathering Drum to play such an important role in the restoration and development of your team's cohesiveness and strength. 

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