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This ChakraPoetry deck was created through my journey of self-healing and transformation. As I tapped into my Spiritual guidance, I was given these messages of wisdom and activation. I then put my AleshaNicole flair into the design. 


Trust your intuition.... 


The deck consists of:

  • 20 cards per chakra (each of the 7 chakras has its own mantra starting words on the back)
  • 10 white clearing cards
  • 10 black subconscious blockage cards


Personalized Additions included in the price:

  • Customized cards added to the deck for you, specifically identified through a mini-reading where the deck is blessed for you
  • Channeled letter from Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Holy Spirit (whatever you call your Higher Power) 

     **this can be an answer to a specific question or a response to          a certain theme or matter where there may be a need for                 direction**

  • Personalized packaging according to your style and favorite color(s)


Upon purchasing your deck, please e-mail me with those details at


Thank you, in advance, for your support of Our Gathering Drum!

"Spread Love, Share Joy"

- AleshaNicole

ChakraPoetry Deck

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