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This is the abbreviated version of an intuitive reading. Let me know the theme or area of focus, and you will receive an email from me with an attached audio message and/or picture.

Intuitive readings are something I hold sacred in my spirituality. They played a big role in my own self-healing throughout my journey. You can choose what tool you would like me to use out of the following options:

- tarot cards

- oracle cards (I have my own original 12 decks that I created)

- mediumship (messages from loved ones who have crossed over)

- NO tools, just raw gifts of intuition

clairvoyance (the ability to see through visions, auras, energies, etc)

clairaudience (the ability to hear specific messages of guidance through my connection to my angels, ancestors, and guides)

clairsentience (the ability to use my very sensitive empath gift to sense energies, presences, etc)

claircognizance (the ability to channel/know messages of guidance, direction, and confirmation through direct communication with my angels, ancestors, and guides)

Email Reading

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